“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.” By Seth Godin.

We innovate, manufacture and market beauty wellness products for the brand owner market, hospitality industry and end-user retail market. Since our inceptions in 1972 until today, we have preserved our core business values. We still value every customer’s unspoken needs and spoken desires in wanting us to achieve or solve the needs and wants by providing, committing, and enhancing the product that deliver value to the entire spectrum of customers. Ever since day one, we strive to be the most trusted partner in the industry by providing resolute commitment to quality, safety, hygienic, solution-oriented leadership, and immaculate service.

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Delphin with the initial initiative to embrace women empowerment, founded by Madam Cecilia Chong was just a match box trading company. Today, we are proud to be housed in a GMP-Certified manufacturing facility, where we always ensure a strict and stringent quality control policy. We do our evaluation and align our raw materials with companies who share the similar vision and values to our own. Many of which are international MNC companies from France, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Germany, and China.

Beyond our core business, we empower to programs that improve and help the lives of others that are in need with continuous focus and contributions to social responsibility. We remain aware that the Earth need us to be responsible to create sustainability for the future of our younger generations. Hence, we created and constantly adhere to our Environmental, Social and Governance policy to meet these objectives and goals. Please visit Our ESG policy page for more information on our dreams and awareness to help our environment, society, and world.

“Try not become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” By Albert Einstein.

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